I ironed my watercolor paper and what happened next will disappoint you

Well, nothing is on fire.

You know how when you do big washes on watercolor paper the paper gets all wobbly? I had enough of it. Ever resourceful and with sharpened critical thinking skills from years of being lazy, naturally, I reach for my clothes iron.

The thought process was simple. What removes wobblies? Iron does. Did I consider maybe that the paper would combust? Of COURSE I did. I did gently smother it with a pillow case beforehand.

Shhh no its ok I’m totally not about to burn you to a crisp aha,

20160102_195257Oh geez,

The heat did somewhat flatten the paper…? Maybe?? Losing all pretense of thoughtfulness I just slap the iron on the bare paper and go to town.

You can’t tell but this is a before and after shot.

Hypothesis is proved incorrect due to the fact that the iron emits a penetrating steam and the resulting water made the paper even more wobble-prone. In the words of my ni chan, if anything, it made the wobbles smaller and more numerous. Resigned to fate and contemplating nihilistic thoughts I painted on top of the wobblies. I garner a small amount of accomplishment. I slap a bunch of heavy books on it and call it a night.


Maybe the iron helped denature the wobbles. Maybe the books did the job by themselves. As for what truly transpired… I guess we’ll never know for sure.

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