Mrs. Brisby

I have such fond and vivid memories of The Secret of Nimh, the gorgeous animation and richness of colors, the use of lighting, the character designs… Agh! Out of nowhere came the compulsion to pay homage to it.Favorite 2D animated movie ever, and now I have an incredible phone wallpaper too.

The Ridiculous 1.5 Year Journey of a Single Illustration

When I first started this illustration, I was yet so young. So full of hope. And now look at me… still so full of hope. Continue reading “The Ridiculous 1.5 Year Journey of a Single Illustration”

Quick Watercolor Flower Process

I’m having a bad day. I woke up crying from a nightmare, I was almost too tired to get out of bed, I cracked my phone screen, and my false tooth popped out.┬áBut in the words of Gerard Way, “We carry on” so here’s the process for random little watercolor for my last little frame. Continue reading “Quick Watercolor Flower Process”